Bob Rohrman Subaru Stays Up-to-Date on Subaru Recall Information

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When Subaru Recalls Happen, Your Safety and Convenience Comes First

Here at Bob Rohrman Subaru-just like every other Subaru dealership-the mantra "Confidence in Motion" sets the standard for the way we handle each Subaru vehicle, and for the way we want you to feel behind the wheel. We know that it is that confidence that is derived from the high-quality performance of each Subaru and knowledge that the roads are safer with a Subaru. But, there are those times when that confidence is hindered, and that is when recalls become necessary.

Once a recall has been announced, we will work to keep you informed and take care of this inconvenience as conveniently for you as possible. All recall repairs and services will be handled by our service center, so that your Subaru vehicle can return to our shared high standards of performance, technology, and safety, and it is all at absolutely no cost to you.

From this page on our website, we will work diligently to keep you up-to-date on all Subaru Recall information, and if a recall directly affects you and your Subaru vehicle, you can rest assured that we will reach out to you directly. Our goal with every single recall and every single maintenance job at our service center is to restore all-around confidence in your Subaru and to do our part in keeping the Greater Lafayette Community safe. After all, it is our community too! If you have any questions regarding our general Subaru recall process or any current recall issues, please feel free to reach out to us directly online or over the phone for more information. We proudly serve the Subaru vehicles and Subaru drivers of Lafayette, IN, as well as the Subaru vehicles and drivers of Indianapolis, Frankfort, and West Lafayette.