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General Manager

Brad Belaire
General Manager

Trey Rohrman
Director of Operations


Love Encore Re-Delivery Specialist

Anne Shepherd
Love Encore Delivery Specialist



Joshua Hainje
Finance Manager

Joseph Shane
Finance Manager

Mike Jaeger
Finance Manager

Bryan Akridge
Finance Manager


Inventory Specialists

Josh Shorter
Used Car Manager

Katelyn Butler
New Car Inventory

Orlondo Lowry
Used Car Inventory


Product Specialists

John Pilatz
Product Specialists
(765) 234-3964

I started at Bob Rohrman Subaru in April 2014 and I have been in the automotive business since 2004!

After working all day helping customers and welcoming them with open arms to the Bob Rohrman Subaru family, there's nothing better than getting to come home and spending time with my amazing wife and our children! I've had a strong passion for playing sports my whole life but I'm starting to realize my passion is transitioning to watching sports. I still enjoy giving it the old college try every once in a while though! I am also a self proclaimed "The Office" expert. I am a decorated Office Trivia champion that has yet to be dethroned! 

When it comes to my favorite Subaru I can't in good conscious just pick one. I love them all! I think a perfect scenario would be an Ascent for when I am out with the family and then a WRX STI just for myself. I can picture myself with my sunglasses on, windows down, sunroof open and the wind in my beard! 

Rolyce Scheitlin
Product Specialist
c 219-863-0161

I have been with Bob Rohrman Subaru since March of 2014 and with the Bob Rohrman Auto Group since 2001!

Outside of work I love spending time with my family and going on all sorts of adventures with them! I love going on fishing trips with my grandchildren and traveling across the country with my wife. 

I've bought over 25 new cars over the years and my favorite Subaru is the Crosstrek! It's fun to drive, gets fantastic gas mileage, and it looks SHARP!

One of the best parts of being apart of the Subaru family is their focus on Community Involvement and I've always been an advocate for helping my local community and volunteerism through my Church and all initiatives that Bob Rohrman Subaru offers.

Shane Starrett
Product Specialist

I've been in the Car Business for over 23 years and have been with Bob Rohrman Subaru since February 2011.

Outside of work I love spending my free time on my landscaping and I've always focused on my health and working out consistently. 

My favorite Subaru is definitely the Outback. I find it to be the most comfortable and fits my active lifestyle the best.

I also attend Faith Church here in Lafayette.

Marvin Hudson
Product Specialist

Come and see me today for a great deal on a pre-owned vehicle! 

Jeff Young
Product Specialist
c 765-413-6411

Jeff has been with Bob Rohrman Subaru for over 11 years! Connect with Jeff on Twitter @dadude8652.

Jeff adores being a grandfather, and spends all of his free time with his children and grandchildren.

Favorite Subaru Vehicle: Outback /Legacy

Marty McGlothlin
Product Specialist

Mark Cravatt
Product Specialist
(765) 234-3454

I have been with Bob Rohrman Subaru since February 2015!

When I'm not at work I love spending time chilling with my cats and playing video games. When I'm not home with my cats, you'll find me in the gym working on my fitness!

My favorite Subaru has to be the Outback. To me, its the most practical and the best value considering all the safety features and technology.

Quarin Hood
Product Specialist

Jordan Shillings
Product Specialist
(765) 234-8960

I have been with Bob Rohrman Subaru since April 2016.

When I'm not here at the store delivering extraordinary experiences to everyone that joins the Bob Rohrman Subaru Family, the best place to find me is at a motocross track! The braaap the bike makes when I have the throttle pinned is like therapy to me as I'm ripping around the track. 

My favorite Subaru is the Ascent. I love it so much, my fiancé and I got one because of all the great technology and the space for us to be able to travel with our doggies!

Alex Wilson
Product Specialist
(765) 234-8956

I've been with Bob Rohrman Subaru since February 2019 and in the business since April 2018.

I love spending time reading a good book and going out kayaking when I get a chance!

My favorite Subaru is the Impreza Sport. Everyone should experience the look and drive of the Sport!

Addison Martin
Product Specialist

Josh Gray
Product Specialist

Austin Overly
Product Specialist

Jordan Bailiff
Product Specialists

Justin Dunn
Product Specialists

Alex Eberle
Product Specialists
(765) 390-3755

I just started at Bob Rohrman Subaru in November 2020.

When I'm not at work I love spending time with my wife and daughter. When I get the chance, I enjoy playing video games and watching basketball.

My favorite Subaru is the WRX and STI. The 1-2 punch of the turbocharger and the awd make the WRX the most fun vehicle on the road!

David Riley
Product Specialists
(765) 246-8130

I have been with Bob Rohrman Subaru since August 2020.

In my free time you won't be catching me indoors! I love going out and hunting. When I'm not having any success with hunting, I move on to another passion which is fishing. Unfortunately sometimes I come up empty handed there too, but I can always chalk it up to having a successful camping trip!
If you see me on a beach don't fret. I'm just doing my civic duty by poking dead things to ensure there are no potential zombies lurking about.

When it comes to my favorite Subaru I always struggle to narrow it down to just one. All of the models share the most important characteristic to me and that is reliability. If you take care of your Subaru it will continue to take care of you for many, many years!

Kevin Ramsey
Product Specialists

Robert Ramirez
Product Specialists

Christian Ratcliff
Product Specialists
(765) 246-8292

I have been with Bob Rohrman Subaru since August 2020.

Some may not know this, but my passion for motocross runs deep. During the weekend it's not uncommon to find me hitting the doubles and blitzing the whoops on the course! When I'm riding I always live by the motto "I'd risk the fall just to know how it feels to fly"

My favorite Subaru is the Legacy - I really like how smooth it drives and it looks sharp! 


Internet Sales Manager

Sean Summers
Internet Sales Manager

I have been with the Rohrman Organization since 2012! I came to Bob Rohrman Subaru in March 2014 and in June 2018 I became the Internet Sales Manager.

When I am not at work I love to spend my time on the water fishing!

Favorite Subaru Vehicle: Crosstrek


Internet Sales

Laura Arellano
Internet Sales Associate
(765) 810-0813

I have been with Bob Rohrman Subaru since 2017 and with the Auto Group since November 2016.

After a busy day helping customers shop from home and spending time with my 2 children, you can find me settled in at home, binge watching some true crime documentaries. To lighten the mood up after a documentary marathon, I enjoy sending hilarious meme's to anyone who will accept them.

My favorite Subaru is the Impreza Sport Sedan. You can get the really sporty look and all the safety features with the Impreza Sport. It also has the nicest wheels!

Annelise Hattabaugh
Internet Sales Associate

Annelise has been with Bob Rohrman Subaru since May 2018.

When I'm not at work helping customers find their perfect vehicle from home, I love to embrace my inner "foodie" and you can spot around town trying all the local fare! I also really enjoy softball and every spring I lace up my trusty cleats, dust off the old bat, and you'll see me going yard every Sunday!

My favorite Subaru is definitely the Crosstrek. It looks really sharp, its the perfect size to take a road trip, and has plenty of room for the dogs! 

Judith Robinson
Internet Sales
(765) 232-3866

I have been with Bob Rohrman Subaru since May 2020.

My full name is Omolegho J. Robinson, but everyone calls me Judith. I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to the USA in January 2019. One of my favorite things to do is travel. I have traveled to many countries, and my favorite so far is a little group of Islands on the East Coast of Africa called Zanzibar. Traveling isn't the only thing I love to do though.. I often amaze my co workers with my eclectic taste in music and am known for serenading everyone around me with whatever song comes on the radio next! 

My favorite Subaru is most certainly the Ascent. I love how the interior looks, especially the brown and ivory leather options. The inside is roomy and the panoramic sunroof on the Ascent makes it feel like I'm in an aircraft!

Colby Craig
Internet Sales

I've been with Bob Rohrman Subaru since August 2020.

In my free time you can catch me on the sticks playing video games unless it's planting or harvesting season, then I'll be out in the fields helping with the family farm.

I love the Forester so much I purchased a New Forester Sport after the first test drive! The ride is so smooth and quiet it's like floating in the air. 


Service Specialists

Nicole Garrett
Service BDC

Brittany Burrows
Service Specialist

Karson Kyhnell
Service BDC


Service Dispatcher

Abel De Leon
Service Dispatcher


Service Advisors

Kenzie Hughes
Service Advisor

Tori Darden
Service Advisor

I just started with Subaru in October of 2017 and have thoroughly enjoyed this business and customers that I have built relationships, so far.  It makes my day when I can serve the community with happiness and pride.  I look forward to growing and learning everyday I come to work.

Favorite Subaru Vehicle: Impreza Sport

Ashlee Roy
Service Advisor

Jennifer Scott
Service Advisor


Main Shop Technicians

Corey Collins
Senior Master Technician

Alex Medina
ASE Master Technician

Tyler Rush
Service Technician

Manuel Luna
Main Shop Technician

Nick Leuck
Service Technician

Eric Urbanus
Service Technician

Paul Wendt
Service Technician

Blake Pankow
Service Technician

Aaron Hamilton
Service Technician

Derek Chumley
Service Technician

John Weaver
Service Technician



Luis Salazar
Express Service Technician

Nicholas Smith
Express Technician

Austin Denny
Express Service Advisor

Gavin Gray
Express Technician/ PDI Specialist

Jorge Lopez
Express Technician

Jordan Shoff
Express Manager

Edwin Magallanes
Service Technician

Jesse McCalister
Express Technician


Service Porters

John Cummings
Service Porter

Jeffrey Hawkins
Service Porter

Max Paula


Parts Counter Specialists

Blake Cheek
Parts Counter Specialist

Jeffery Englert
Parts Specialist

Ronald Geier
Parts Delivery Driver

Ben Humphry
Parts Counter Specialist



Nate Bush
General Sales Manager

Derek Fisher
New Car Manager

Robert Branch
Sales Manager

Avery Burrows
Sales Manager

PENNSYLVANIA Born and Raised! Have been serving customer in 2 states over the last 6 years. I started with Toyota and just recently moved to the Subaru Brand in August.  HUGE PENN STATE FAN! Look forward to serving you and your friends and families for years to come. 

Favorite Subaru Vehicle:  Impreza Sport

Josh Swanson
Sales Manager

I've been with Bob Rohrman Subaru since December 2016 and have been in the business since 2013.

When I'm not at work, I love spending time with my wife and kids. We enjoy traveling to new places, being outdoors, and bowling!

My favorite Subaru is the Ascent. It has plenty of room for the whole family!

Karalee Sollars
Service Manager

Mike Alexander
Parts Manager


Detail Specialist

Matt Davis
Detail Manager

Kyler Evans