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Lease vs. Auto Loan: Understanding the Key Differences

If auto financing seems complex and confusing, don't worry -- Bob Rohrman Subaru is here to help.

Most customers who visit our dealership are interested in securing a monthly payment plan. However, they often aren't sure whether they should apply for a lease or a loan. The two aren't the same, after all, and there are some significant differences to take into consideration.



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Get An Accurate Trade-In Value for Your Vehicle in Minutes!

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Find Out How Much Your Car is Worth

Whether you're upgrading to a new Subaru or to a newer pre-owned automobile, you'll want to consider trading in your current vehicle. Although you might have heard of a trade-in, you might not know exactly what it is.

A trade-in is a vehicle that you currently own that a dealership takes as partial payment for your next automobile. Trade-ins are great because they help you decrease the amount of money you will spend on your next vehicle. But, it can be tricky figuring out exactly how much you'll get…

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