As designed and engineered, Subaru models are the perfect platform for summer exploration. And what’s taken with you during the trip makes all the difference past Lafayette, IN.

At Bob Rohrman Subaru, we’ve made it easy to browse and order all your desired, Genuine Subaru Accessories. This performed online or onsite.

The Value of Genuine Subaru Accessories During Summer

It might seem obvious your Subaru Outback SUV has been designed for adventure. Past city limits and beyond the suburbs, there’s that itching for remote spaces and serenity therein.

And one tried, true method of extracting the most of such excursions is the outfitting of your Subaru. Spanning all aspects of customization, Subaru accessories have been crafted specifically for your model, where generic components have not.

For a summary of what’s available at Bob Rohrman Subaru or certainly attainable through a simple ordering process, browse popular accessories below:

  • Kayak cradles mounted on rooftop ensure safe, secure transport.
  • Bike racks may be affixed to roof or tow hitch at rear of your Subaru Crosstrek.
  • Rooftop cargo containers and racks lend additional space for storage of equipment and gear.
  • Pet-friendly accessories comprise harnesses, rear-access ramps and travel containers.
  • First Aid kits and roadside-assistance tools are essential to safe, self-reliant traveling.
  • All-weather floor mats, sunshades and cargo-compartment netting make for an organized cabin.
  • Upgraded infotainment displays and sound speakers round out accessories making the most of summer fun.

As easy as it is to browse and order, our skilled Subaru technicians may install your ordered accessories. To this is peace-of-mind your kayak cradle is secure and fitted properly.

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