Tackle Spring Service at Bob Rohrman Subaru

Spring is slowly starting to show itself here at Bob Rohrman Subaru, which means that now is the perfect time to jump on some spring service! A little routine maintenance is just what your Subaru needs to bounce back from a brutal winter, so we encourage you to reach out to our Subaru service center for an appointment or swing by for a little Subaru Express Service to take care of minor service items.

Tackle Spring Service at Our Service Center

Whether your feelings about winter are warm and fuzzy or closer to the crushing dread end of the spectrum, there's no denying that winter is not kind to your Subaru.

Fortunately, a little TLC from our team of expert Subaru service technicians can get your Subaru Outback or Subaru Forester up and running like new so that you can enjoy a smoother transition to warmer weather and less treacherous roads.

Here are a few of our most common spring services:

Winter Tire Change

Winter tires will wear out fast in warm weather, so now is a great time to make the swap and switch to all-season tires. We'll be more than happy to change your tires for you, and we can even help you find a new set.

Wheel Alignment

Winter isn't kind to roads either, which is likely something you noticed when a string of potholes rattled you around during your commute. Bumpy roads are rough on your wheels and can knock them out of alignment, which can mess with your handling and do a number on your tires. A wheel alignment will straighten your wheels out.

Oil Change

We recommend scheduling an oil change every six months or 5,000 to 7,500 miles (whichever comes first) to keep your engine in great shape. So, if your Subaru is due for an oil change, our team can help.

Schedule service today to get your Subaru ready for spring!

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