Prepare Your Subaru for Anything with Products From LP Adventure

What's better than a new Subaru? How about a new Forester, Impreza or Outback that's been outfitted with LP Adventure add-ons, which are offered at our Lafayette, IN Subaru dealer serving Indianapolis, Frankfort and West Lafayette and complete your car or crossover with some incredible options.

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There are many models that can be equipped with LP Adventure parts, but we'll use the popular new 2018 Subaru Outback as an example. When you select to shop from the LP Adventure offerings we provide here in Lafayette, you can add to your Outback the likes of:

  • LP Adventure lift kit
  • LP Adventure bumper guard
  • LP Adventure skid plate
  • Specialized wheels and tires from partner brands
  • LP Adventure deflector stickers

With more than 20 years of experience in specialized off-roading parts for Subaru models, LP Adventure is the perfect partner for our favorite brand. You can complete the package with your Outback or any other Subaru in a way that adds a lot in terms of design and looks, as well as off-roading capabilities. Visit Bob Rohrman Subaru today and learn more about how to outfit your ride with some great LP Adventure add-ons.

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