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Pet Safety Travel Tips for Drivers

Whether you frequently travel with a four-legged companion, are preparing to move, or are heading to the vet for a checkup, check out these pet safety travel tips for drivers.

1. “Do you wanna go for a ride? Huh? Do ya, do ya?”- It’s assumed that most dogs enjoy going for a ride, but some pets can experience high anxiety when removed from their comfort zone (home) and placed in a vehicle. If you’re preparing for a longer trip or move, take a couple of trial runs and work your pet up to the extended distance that is going to be traveled.

2. Protect your seats-If you’ve experience the uncomfortable crinkle of sitting down on a couch with a plastic cover, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. But, it just might be time to take a tip from grandma because a waterproof pet cover for the rear seat of your vehicle is a good idea in case they were to get car sick, have an accident, or even have muddy paws.

3. No leash law-Only use a leash for walking your pet, don’t leash them inside the vehicle to avoid any potential risk of strangulation. There are pet seat belts available for dogs and traveling carriers are the safest bet for smaller breed animals. Animals have a tendency to actually feel safer in a confined area when unknown variables are introduced all at once.

4. Dog barriers- To help contain and provide larger breed dogs with plenty of space, Subaru actually has created a line pet-friendly products. Take the Forester or Outback for example, it can be equipped with a pet barrier, giving dogs their own separate compartment to stretch out in.

5. Not the time to be a lap dog-It may be comforting for your pet and you may enjoy the companionship, but driving with your pet on your lap is a dangerous scenario. Not only can they be a major distraction, but in case of an accident, they are entirely unprotected.

We hope that you and your pet companions take the necessary precautions to stay as safe as possible on the roads.


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